Our History

In November of 2003, ICON General Contractors, Inc. was founded by Anthony Gonzales, Matthew Kaiser & David Topping. Their individual areas of expertise are varied, yet each contributes a multitude of mastered disciplines related to their business. Cumulatively their industry experience totals 60+ years.

Starting with one loyal customer who is still with them today, their diligence and strong commitment to quality and detail proved to be the key ingredience to not only surviving the economic downturn, but continuing to conservatively grow the company. Comments from clients at their 10 year anniversary celebration showed the dedication was not one-sided, but rather it was mutually extended from clients back to the three principals.   

As testament to the strong and supportive working environment established at ICON, the first two employees hired are still with the company, 15+ years later. Additionally, two father-son teams are employed among the field personnel.

Our history is one which we are pleased to share. We welcome the opportunity to add you to our ever-growing list of delighted clients and become part of our proud history too!